Monday, 3 February 2014

The Princesses and the Captain

Does your child have an hero ? Or heroes ? Do you talk about the traits of the heroes ? What in those heroes makes your child like them ? What are the traits you like and imagine could be good for your child ? Do the heroes transport your child to a world of fantasy ? Or do they enhance reality ? How often you immerse with your child in the world of his heroes ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl was deciding what clothes to wear to the party. Everybody else was going to be at the party and all kids would wear the clothes of their hero.
The Little girl had the beautiful blue princess dress to wear, Papi got her dress for her birthday, it had many layers of blue. She could go to any princess palace and be the most beautiful princess there.
The Little Girl had her tight blue and red suit to wear. Papi got the suit after she came one day from kindergarten saying she wanted to be Spiderman. The suit enhanced her muscles and they got bigger, she was the strongest kid with this suit on.
The Little Girl had her football team suit to wear. Papi got the suit for kindergarten football day. She wanted the colors or her favorite team. With that suit she became the best football player, she could run the full field and score goals.
The Little Girl had her astronaut suit. Papi got the suit for when they went to the theme park house of buzz. But she was disappointed with the suit, she could not fly. But she told Papi that, Buzz also could not fly.
The Little Girl had her cowboy suit to wear. Papi got the suit for the costume party at kindergarten. With the cowboy suit she became the sheriff and told everybody what to do. The suit had blue jeans, yellow square shirt, a red neck bandanna, the cowboy hat, brown boots and belt, and a beautiful sheriff star. Nobody doubted her authority when she was Sheriff Woody.
The Little Girl decided she wanted the authority, so she chose the cowboy suit.
At the street crossing she saw a big and funny man. "Who are you ?" Asked the Little Girl.
"I am the ship captain.", answered the funny man.
"I do not believe, show me, let me see the ship captain suit."
"But it is cold here, I will take my coat out inside the building.", answered the big funny man.
"If you don't prove it I will shout and call that police there.", threatened The Little Girl.
The big and funny man opened is coat to reveal the ship captain's suit.
"See? We are all going to the same party..."
"Why are you the only grownup with a costume?", asked the suspicious Little Girl.
"Because I am the organizer of the party", smiled the big funny man.
Sheriff Woody and the ship captain arrived together at the party. Everybody was there at the party. They where greeted by a big bunch of princesses. There was the blue princess, the red princess, the Indian princess, the mermaid princess, the pink princess, the sleepy princess, the happy princess, the clown princess.
"Who are you?", asked the princesses.
"I am the Sheriff Princess.", answered the Little Girl.