Saturday, 22 February 2014

Flowers for Mommy

Do your children often have spontaneous acts of parent love ? Do you encourage your children to express their love ? Do you often express your love for your children ? When was the last time your children did something spontaneous for you ? How do you feel when they express themselves ? Hod do they show their love ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"Papi, I want the watercolors!", asked the Little Girl.
"Why Little Girl?", asked Papi.
"I want to paint Mami, Papi and me".
"I like your paintings , they are getting better and better everyday", encouraged Papi.
"I also want paper, I want this white cards".
"And why is that ?", asked Papi.
"I want to make invitations for a party", answered the Little Girl.
"What party ?"
"A birthday party!", said the Little Girl.
"Whose birthday ?", asked Papi.
"Mami's birthday!"
"It is still a while for Mami's birthday."
"Let's take these flowers for Mami, she can smell the flowers and wait for the birthday!", suggested the Little Girl.
"That is a good idea, let's do that, let's take these flowers for Mami!".