Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Dirty Tooth

Do your kids protect their teeth ? Do you need special actions to motivate your children to wash their teeth ? Do they wash the teeth with you ? Are they afraid of the dentist ? Do they know that sweets are bad for the teeth ? Have the tooth started to fall or break ? What about injuries playing ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"I am dirty, I want to take a bath!", the Little Girl heard a voice, but she did not know where the voice came from.
"I am dirty, I want to take a bath, I hurt when I am dirty", The Little Girl heard the voice one more time. The Little Girl did not know where the voice came from, but she knew it should be near.
"I am dirty, I am all covered in a sticky sweet liquid", said the voice once more.
The voice seemed to come from inside the Little Girl.
The Little Girl went to look at the mirror, and when she opened the mouth she saw the little tooth complaining. "I am dirty!".
The Little Girl touched the little tooth. "Ouch!", said the tooth. "You are sticky!", said the Little Girl.
"Oh!, and your other tooth friends are also dirty!", observed the Little Girl.
The Little Girl picked up the tooth brush and the tooth paste. She brushed the tooth to clean it, then she brushed the other teeth. She held the plastic cup with water, took a sip and washed the tooth paste away from the teeth. She throw the water away.
She used the special towel for the teeth, the white stripe floss, and with that she cleaned between the teeth.
She opened the mouth to see the teeth. the teeth were all shining.
The Little Girl smiled, what a beautiful smile she has, with all the white teeth.

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