Saturday, 22 February 2014


Do your kids fantasize with Disneyland ? or with other theme park ? Do you use it as a reward for them ? Or you take them just because you like it ? Did you go there in your youth ? Do you make memories your kids will cherish ? How does the family look like with the cameras ? Do you make movies ? Do your kids prefer to chase the characters or the rides ? Do you sit waiting for the parades ? How excited are your kids ? tell me your story, here is mine...

"Papi, when it's my birthday I want to go to Mickey's house", asked the Little Girl.
"When is your birthday ?"
"It's when yesterday I am like this", and the Little Girl showed 4 fingers, "and then I become like this." showed the Little Girl proudly 5 fingers.
"That is so nice :) And you think Mickey is waiting for you ?", asked Papi!
"Yes, he wants to have breakfast with me, and then he wants me to visit him at the cinema, and then he wants me to take a picture with me..." started explaining very excitedly the Little Girl.
"Wow, he has lot's of plans for you..."
"Yes, he likes me, and also we can go and dance at the restaurant with Minnie and Pluto. and they like me very much!"
"Papi likes you!", said Papi.
"Yes, and I like Papi!", laughed the Little Girl, "and I like Papi when Papi takes me to the house of Mickey".
"So you want to go to the house of Mickey on your birthday?", asked Papi.
"YES!", shouted the Little Girl.
"So you know that you must always put away your toys after playing ?"
"Yes Papi".
"And you know that you must wash your teeth before going to bed ?"
"Yes Papi".
"And you know that you must go early to bed ?"
"No!" said the Little Girl.
"Yes you do!", insisted Papi.
"Ah, OK, I will go early to bed!", promised the Little Girl.

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