Saturday, 15 February 2014

Tea Time

Do you host friends? Do your friends bring their children? Do your children help you hosting? Do you have the pleasure of welcoming guests? Do your children receive well others in their space? Do they share their toys? Do they offer cake to their little friends? Do they play together? Do they play being hosts as well? How much they learn from you? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl was at her kitchen. She was putting the plates and the tea cups for Papi and Mami. The Little Girl invited Papi and Mami to have tea in her room. The little table was looking very beautiful. The Little Girl put two plates for each person.
She heard somebody knock at the door. The Little Girl opened the door. Papi and Mami arrived for tea.
The guests sat at the little table. The Little Girl served tea to Papi and Mami. Then she handed two plates to each.

"This plate is for the healthy food, and this is for the food that is not healthy.", said the Little Girl handing the plates.
"This is healthy!", said the Little Girl giving a carrot.
"This is not healthy!", said the Little Girl giving the chips.
"Healthy!", apple.
"Not healthy!", cake.
"Healthy!", tomato.
"Not healthy!", lollipop.
"Healthy!", chicken.
"Not healthy!", ice-cream.

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