Friday, 7 February 2014


Do your kids watch to much TV ? How do you control the amount they see ? Do they have a timetable ? What type of show do they see ? Do they get disturbed by what they see ? Does it generate nice dreams ? Do they tell nice stories from what they watch ? Does it generate nightmares and fears ? How do you manage when they have nightmares ? Do you write down the stories they tell ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The skeletons raise from the ground and frightened the Little Girl. the Little Girl was not expecting skeletons, she was looking for the wild fox and the brave hound. The Little Girl ran away, she was looking for someplace safe from the skeletons.
She hid behind the bush. She was very afraid, the skeletons made a lot of noise. they made a strange toc sound when the bones touched each other. Toc, toc, toc, the Little Girl could hear the skeletons approaching.
Papi had told her not to go down that path, but she was stubborn and wanted to go anyway. The Little Girl was sorry that she did not listen to Papi. Now the skeletons were everywhere making the toc toc toc sound.
The Little Girl managed to get some very faint words out of her mouth "I am sorry Papi!".
When she said the words a bit more of light glowed from where she was. She could listen far away the voice of Papi, "Where are you, I cannot hear you, speak louder Little Girl!"
The Little Girl said once more the faint words "I am sorry Papi!"
"Louder, louder, so that I can hear you...",  the Little Girl could hear Papi approaching.
This time, the Little Girl grabbed all her courage and said loudly "I am sorry Papi!".
A big light came from the Little Girl and knocked down all the skeletons. She was safe again. She could see Papi coming.
"I love you Papi", said the Little Girl.
"I love you Little Girl", said Papi.

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