Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Row Row Row Your Boat

Do you like boats ? Do you like traveling on boats ? Do your kids like boats ? Do they get seasick when traveling ? Do they like rowing ? Do they want to row alone ? Do you go on boat trips with your kids ? Where do you ride boats with them ? At the theme parks ? At lakes ? Going to work ? Are they nervous on the boats ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl got down from the pirate's galleon. She went down to the small boat tied to the galleon that the captain used to go ashore when needed. But she was escaping the pirate captain. The Little Girl saw the captain sleeping on his leather chair and decided it was the right moment to try and escape.
All of the pirate crew was sound asleep. It was the perfect moment for the Little Girl to make it to the small boat. As she climbed down the rope ladder the captain's parrot noticed the Little Girl.
"Ahoy, prisoner escaping!", shouted the captain's parrot.
The Little Girl could hear the parrot loud and clear, but she was already half-way down the rope ladder. The Little Girl made the last steps to the row boat while she could hear all the pirates waking up trying to understand what was going on.
The Little Girl started to row the boat with all her strength. She managed to get two meters distance from the galleon when the first pirate heads could be seen looking down in her direction.
"There she goes, there she goes", shouted the ugly one handed pirate.
"The prisoner is moving away in the captain's row boat", shouted the ugly one eyed pirate.
"Shoot the boat", shouted the ugly one legged pirate.
Soon all the pirates were making loud noises that woke up the pirate captain. the pirate captain came outside of his cabin to see all the pirates not knowing what to do.
"Jump you idiots, jump and swim to the boat, she's only a Little Girl, what are you afraid of ?", shouted the pirate captain.
The pirates jumped into the water and started swimming in the direction of the Little Girl's boat. In the meantime the Little Girl had already made a distance of 10 meters from the boat. When the pirates started swimming they all got afraid.
"Oh No!", shouted the ugly one handed pirate.
"Oh Yes!", shouted the ugly one eyed pirate.
"Swim back!", shouted the ugly one legged pirate.
They saw the huge big crocodile. The crocodile was swimming in the pirate's direction as if it saw a nice big creamy chocolate cake. The crocodile had a a big smile with a big mouth. The crocodile was ready to eat the pirates. But the pirates were so afraid that they could run on water back to the galleon and climb up the rope ladder in less than a minute.
Today the crocodile was going to be be hungry.
The Little Girl was already at the beach getting out of the small row boat. She waved and said bye bye to the crocodile.

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