Saturday, 22 February 2014

Tightrope Walking

Balance, that is something we want our kids to develop! How do you make your kids develop balance ? With a bicycle ? Walking on the roadside pavement ? Climbing trees ? have you tried tightrope walking ? How do you encourage them after they fall ? Do they feel that falling is part of the learning ? Do you panic when they fall ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl believed tightrope walking was easy. the clowns did it while everybody laughed. They fell but somehow never actually fall to the ground. They managed to get their balance on the tightrope.
The Little Girl wanted to do the same.
Papi got her a rope and put on the ground. Stretched the rope. the Little Girl placed her foot on the rope, then the other foot. The Little Girl lift her first foot and carefully step into the front. The arms were stretched to help the balance. The Little Girl was looking with great attention at the rope.
"Do not look at the rope, just feel it and look to the end of the rope.", Papi tried to help the Little Girl.
The Little Girl wiggled on top of the rope trying to keep her balance.
"It is difficulty Papi, but I can do it!", said the Little Girl.
A quarter of the way the Little Girl lost her balance and restarted from the beginning.
"I am now going to make it all the way! look Papi!", promised the Little Girl.
The Little Girl made her second try, this time she managed to go further on the rope. She went half way. the Little Girl lost her balance again.
"From the beginning again, Papi!", said the Little Girl.
And there she restarted, carefully, foot after foot, lift the back foot and move it to the front, keep the arms stretched to help the balance, foot after foot, and she... made it!
"I made it Papi! I made it!", shouted excitedly the Little Girl.