Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Puppet Show

Do your kids like theater ? Do you take them to see some shows ? What about puppets ? Do they interact with the characters ? Do they warn the characters of dangers ? or do they run away and hide their eyes in the sight of danger ? Do they like to play theater ? Do they behave during session ? Do they talk loud ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The tailor was making a new mantle for the king. the Little Girl wanted to help the tailor, she was telling him always where the things he needed were.
"The scissors are on the shelf!"
"The cloth is on the table!"
"The thimble is in your pocket!"
But the tailor seam to be deaf. He did not listen to the Little Girl.
Finally, the tailor got the things he needed and made the mantle. It was time to take the mantle to the king.
On the way a wild boar approached the tailor. The Little Girl shouted with her lungs full of air: "Watch out with the wild boar!". But the tailor still did not listen to the Little Girl.
"ARGGHH!", shouted the tailor when he saw the wild boar. the tailor ran for his life.
The Little Girl was upset, "Man! The tailor does not listen to me, he is always getting into trouble!".
"Hello Little Girl, now you know how Papi feels when he talks to you...", said Papi.
The tailor managed to escape the wild boar, only to get between two trolls that were in the forest.
The tailor went up a tree.
"Don't come down, watch out with the trolls!", shouted the Little Girl.
Finally the tailor was doing what she told him. And now the tailor was throwing rocks at the trolls when they fell asleep. The trolls waked up and started finding one another.
The Little Girl laughed loudly, and told to the tailor that he could now come down the tree.
The tailor did what she said, and the Little Girl cheered.
"Finally!", said the Little Girl.
"See, it's much better when you do what people that know better tell you!"", said Papi to the Little Girl.
"Yes, Papi, I will do what you tell me!", answered the Little Girl.