Sunday, 9 March 2014

#100 post milestone

Well, did it, 100 posts, I am proud.
It took quite a while, with motivation going up and down along this time, but made it to #100. It feels really good. 100 things to say, 100 things to communicate, 100 experiences to share, 100 seed for stories, 100 posts.

The story to get here was fun so far. Let's keep it in the same way, true to it's origins :)
We talked about production costs.
We talked about the new bookstore At blurb.
Just recently we commemorated the Post a Day achievement.
I started the multilingual dictionary for learning words.
We made a movie about the first 50 stories.
We commemorated the first 100 facebook fans.
I shared my 2014 resolution on publishing a children's book.

Now I just need 8 more stories to commemorate the real milestone of 100 stories.

Thank you to all the fans that have kept me motivated.

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