Thursday, 6 March 2014

Send in the Clowns

Do your kids like clowns ? Have they fear of clowns ? Do you like clowns ? Where do you see them ? Do you go to circus ? Or street festivals ? Do you invite clowns for the birthday party ? Do the kids like the tricks clowns do with balloons ? Do they have a clown toy ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"Papi, why are the clowns always laughing ?" asked the Little Girl.
"They laugh whenever they see a small kid.", answered Papi.
"Always ? they see a kid and they laugh ?"
"Yes Little Girl, but there are also sad clowns, not many"
"When they do not see a kid they stop laughing ?", asked the Little Girl.
"I do not know, never been with a clown without a small kid." answered Papi.
The Little Girl was marveled with the clown. The clown pinched the Little Girl's nose, the Little Girl pressed the big red nose of the clown and it honked. The clown blew a balloon and made it like a dog, the Little Girl grabbed the balloon and barked. The clown grabbed 3 balls from his big pockets and juggled the balls. the Little Girl took a jumping ball from her pocket, threw it in the air and caught it.
The Little Girl was amazed with the clown, she was watching him performed all the nice tricks to all the kids that came by.
But the clown needed to rest, so he stopped, and moved away saying he would come back.
"Papi, let's follow the clown, let's look if he smiles when he is far away from the kids.", said the Little Girl.
The clown went to the back of the tent. in the back of the tent was a sick dog, and the clown gave water to the dog, and spoke nice calm words. The clown was sad.
"Papi, the clown is sad", said the girl.
The clown heard her and turned around, but he still had the big smile on his face.
"Papi, the dog is sick but the clown is happy!", said the Little Girl.
"The clowns are always happy!", said Papi.
"Papi ?", asked the Little Girl.
"Yes ?"
"Are you a clown ?"

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