Saturday, 1 March 2014

Coffee for Papi

Did you teach your kids how to operate the coffee machine ? Did they learn ? Did they want to learn ? Do they like making coffee for you ? Do you enjoy that peaceful moment you are waiting for your kids to bring you coffee ? Or are you nervous that something will happen to them ? Or are you concerned that something may happen to the coffee machine ? Does the quality come with the expected coffee ? Do they look happy to do something for you when they come carefully balancing the cup of coffee on the saucer ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

Papi finished lunch. The Little Girl wanted to make something good for Papi.
"Mami, can I make coffee for Papi ?", asked the Little Girl.
"Do you know how to use the coffee machine ?", asked Mami.
"Yes, Papi told me!", answered the Little Girl.
The Little Girl got a cup, put at the machine, and pressed the button.
There came the coffee pouring into the cup.
The Little Girl balanced the coffee cup all the way from the kitchen to the living room. She went slowly, she did not want to spill the coffee. She wanted Papi to feel good about her. There she went, balancing the coffee cup until she got to Papi.
"Papi, here is a coffee for you!", the Little Girl handed proudly the coffee cup to Papi.
Papi tasted it and make a horrible face... it looked like Papi did not like the coffee.
But Papi said, "Thank You, it was very good, but let me tell you a secret Little Girl, come with Papi to the kitchen!".
Papi took the Little Girl to the kitchen. "Look", said Papi, "next time put this capsule in the coffee machine, it makes the coffee so much better, and I know you do it better than anyone else Little Girl!".
After dinner Papi said, "Hum, I am going to sit at the sofa, it would be so nice if I had somebody bring me a coffee."
The Little Girl heard Papi. She went to the kitchen, got a cup and put it at the machine, got a capsule that Papi like and put it into the machine, and then pressed the button for the coffee. The coffee poured into the coffee cup, this time a bit darker, it smelled like Papi's coffee.
With great care, the Little Girl brought the coffee cup to Papi in the living room.
Papi sipped the coffee and said, "Ah! this is so good, thank you Little Girl!"

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