Saturday, 29 March 2014

Monster spray

Are your kids afraid of night monsters and ghosts? Do they use it as an excuse to not go to bed? Or do you feel they are really afraid to go to bed? What are they afraid of? Of nightmares? Of monsters hidden in the closet or under the bed? Are they afraid of ghosts? What do you tell your kids about monsters and ghosts? Do your kids believe you? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The doctor was talking to the Little Girl.
"Are you afraid of monsters in your room?", asked the doctor.
The Little Girl nodded her head.
"Where do the monsters hide?", asked the doctor.
"Behind the toy stand!", answered the Little Girl.
"Have you seen the monsters?", asked the doctor.
The Little Girl nodded her head once more.
"What do you do when you see them?"
The Little Girl placed her hands over her eyes and closed them.
"I know what you need, I am going to write here a recipe, and your dad will pick it up at the store!", said the doctor, "It is a special spray that has a smell that only monsters can smell, it smells horrible for them and they go away!"
The Little Girl, at night, before going to bed sprayed the corners of the room with the spray.
That night she slept very well, no monsters appeared. The monsters told at monster school that they should not go to the Little Girls room, it had a horrible smell that no monster could smell.
From that day onwards, the monsters never again appeared at the Little Girls room.