Friday, 14 March 2014


Does your child tell you what happened in kindergarten ? How do you ask your child how his days was ? What are your child's strengths ? What is your child's learning style ? What goals you like for your child ? How are his social skills ? What do you tell to his teacher ? What you do at home to support the kindergarten ? Tell me your story, here is mine ...

"Today is Papi day to pickup Little Girl!", says Papi to the Little Girl.
"Where is Mami?", asks the Little Girl.
"She is at work, but today you have Papi."
"Can we go to play at the playground  ?", asked the Little Girl.
"Yes! You want to do the same games you did today at school ?", asks Papi.
"No Papi, I don't want to do the circle, I want to go to the slide, can I ?"
"Yes, let's go to the merry-go-round first!", suggested Papi.
"OK! I sit here", said the Little Girl.
"Look, it's just like the Circle, who was in front of you in the school circle ?", asked Papi.
"The Blue Boy was in front, and the Red Girl next to me, and also the Big Pink Girl", said the Little Girl.
"And what did you do in the circle, you were singing ?", asked Papi.
"Yes, we sang the cloud song!", said the Little Girl.
"Can you sing the cloud song for me ?", asked Papi.
"Yes, the teacher sang it for us first."
"Who was the teacher ?"
"Was Miss Laura!", said the Little Girl.
"Did Miss Laura send you to the bad girls chair today ?", asked Papi.
"No! but the Big Boy did go".
"So you had a good day today in kindergarten ?"
"Yes Papi!"