Thursday, 6 March 2014

Little Sick Bugs

How do you feel when your kids are ill ? How do they feel ? Do you take them immediately to the hospital or doctor ? Do you wait to understand what is going on ? Do you already follow the recommendations from previous experiences ? What do your kids want when they are Ill ? Do they want to watch TV ? Do they want to play games ? Do the want Mommy or Daddy by them ? Do they like going to the doctor ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"Papi, the tummy is hurting.", said the Little Girl.
"Did you eat chocolate or sodas ?", asked Papi.
"Good, you know that chocolate and sodas make you sick, you can't eat them", said Papi.
"Yes Papi!", answered the Little Girl.
"I am going to fetch a thermometer, to see if you have fever, OK?", said Papi.
Papi fetched the thermometer, he checked the temperature of the Little Girl.
"Seams you are OK. Let's just rest a bit here with Papi".
"But the tummy is hurting a lot.", said the Little Girl.
"Let's go to the doctor."
"NO!", shouted the Little Girl, "the doctor gives me an injection, I don't like!".
"But that injection makes you feel better", assured Papi.
"No! I don't want to!", insisted the Little Girl.
"Let's wait a bit and see if you feel better, here take this special drink Papi made, it has some vitamins, you will be stronger."
"OK Papi.", agreed the Little Girl.
When Papi left the room the Little Girl sipped on the vitamin drink. Suddenly she saw two figures behind the sofa. They where her puppets, Fuchs the Fox and nurse Minnie.
"Hello Little Girl, your daddy told me you are sick, I come here to make you better", said nurse Minnie.
"No, you are a bad nurse, you are going to hurt Little Girl, I don't allow you to come close!", said Fuchs the fox.
"Yes, I come to make the Little Girl better, I have a special injection that kills the sick bugs.", said nurse Minnie.
"What are the sick bugs ?", asked Fuchs the fox.
"Are small little bugs that you can't see and get into children to make them sick !", answered nurse Minnie.
"Oh! No! we don't want sick bugs, how do you make them go away ?", asked Fuchs the fox.
"Look here, you see Peter the spider there ? Look what it does when the injection comes close...", said nurse Minnie.
"It is running away in all the 8 legs!", laughed Fuchs the fox.
"Yes! The bugs also ran away from the injection!", said nurse Minnie.
"OK, I am the protector of bad dreams for the Little Girl, you are not a bad dream, you can com and help the Little Girl!", said Fuchs the fox.
Nurse Minnie gave the injection to the Little Girl. At first the Little Girl was feeling bad, but as she listened to Fuchs the fox singing all her favorite songs, she started to get better.
"Hello Little Girl, do you feel better, did the injection make you better sending away the little sick bugs ?", asked Papi.
"Yes Papi, I am better now, I like nurse Minnie".