Thursday, 20 March 2014

The safe tent

Do your kids search time for themselves? When do they need time? Are you always around them when they want to be alone? Do you get worried that something might happen during those moments? Where to do they escape? What do they do when they are alone? Do they lock their room? Do you respect your child's privacy? What happens when you have guests? Do you select your guests so that your kids feel comfortable? Do you ask your kids to respect your moments too? Tell me your story, here is mine...

Papi's friends are coming to our house today. I don't like them. I don't want them in our house. Our house is only for Papi, Mami, and me. The pink girl can also come, and the blue boy. The fast red boy can also come and the little yellow girl. Auntie and Granny can also come. Also the violet girl can come. But not Papi's friends. I don't like Papi's friends.
Papi's friends talk, and talk, and talk. Papi's friends are boring, they don't know how to play. Papi's friend think I am a baby. Some Papi's friends think I am an adult. Papi's friends are very strange people.
The doorbell is ringing. Oh! No! I don't want them.
Let me get my toys. I don't want Papi's friends playing with my toys. I'll take the chuchu train, and woody cowboy, and cactus jack, and the cow, the elephant and the skyrocket. I am going with my toys to my tent. I like my tent, it is so nice to be playing and nobody looking at me.
Oh, not, the voices of Papi's friends. They talk so loud. I am going to fetch the small tablet to see my movies. When I listen at the movies I don't have to listen to Papi's friends.
"Hello Little Girl, can we come in your tent?", said one of Papi's friend.
"NO! You are too big!", I answered.
Papi's friends are also dumb, they can't see they don't fit into my tent.
"Hello Little Girl, I have a beautiful book for you about a bear that rides a bicycle!", said another of Papi's friend.
"Oh! can I see it?", I asked.
"Yes, of course, it is for you", said the nice Papi friend.
"Can you read the book for me?"
"OK! Let's read the story..." said the nice Papi friend. The other Papi's friends joined to listen to the story.
"Once upon a time, there was a small brown bear..." the nice friend was reading the book.
Papi's friends are the best friends in the world.