Saturday, 22 March 2014

Two pixie fairies

Do you read to your kids? Do they retell the stories you read them? Do you read them the stories the same way or add each time a bit of fantasy? Are they faithful to the story? Do they add other characters? Do they make themselves part of the story? Have you read Peter Pan for them? Do they take place of any character in the story? Do they tell the stories to other kids? Do they know the story from the pictures? Tell me your story, here is mine...

Peter Pan was going to the city to fetch Wendy. Tinkerbell went with Peter Pan. The Little Girl saw Peter Pan fly away. She wanted to follow Peter Pan, but Peter Pan said no, this was Wendy's story, not the story of the Little Girl.
The Little Girl went to Pixie land to look for a pixie to come in her story. The Little Girl went to talk with the Pixie Queen and asked her for a pixie fairy to come with her.
"What is the adventure you want to have?", asked the Pixie Queen.
"I want to fetch Mami and Papi to go and fight the Pirates!", answered the Little Girl.
"But in Neverland no grown-ups are allowed.", said the Pixie Queen.
"But my Papi is a special grown-up, he knows how to play, and he sees the things like me!", answered the Little Girl.
"Very well, and Mami?", asked the Pixie Queen.
"I love my Mami!", answered the Little Girl.
"Very well Little Girl, you can go with Loudbell and Loverbelle, they will help you in your adventures!", offered the Pixie Queen.
"Wow, two pixie fairies... that is so cool!", said the Little Girl.
"You need for the grown-ups, they are big and need a lot of pixie dust to fly!", said the Pixie Queen.
The Little Girl flew from the island and to the city. the Little Girl went with the two pixie fairies, Loudbell and Loverbelle. It was so fun to fly over the city, to see all the roofs. This is the way home, we will fetch Papi and Mami.
"Mami, Papi, we have to save the Indian princess, we must fly to the pirate island, come...", said the Little Girl.
Loudbell and Loverbelle sprinkled Papi and Mami with pixie dust. And now they were flying to Neverland.

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