Sunday, 2 March 2014

Swimming Pool day

Do you take your kids swimming ? Do they still need floaters ? Do they want to use the floaters ? Are your kids afraid of the water ? Did you experience the floaters not fitting and the kids still can't swim without them ? Do you take them to the sea, lake or swimming pool ? Do you and your kids like water parks? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl put on her favorite red swimsuit. 
"Papi, where are the floaters ?", asked the Little Girl.
"I think I forgot the floaters at home Little Girl", answered Papi.
"No problem, we swim without floaters then", said the Little Girl.
The Little Girl approached the border of the swimming pool. A lot of magical things happened in the swimming pool. The Little Girl entered carefully, it was her first time without the floaters. Papi followed her into the swimming pool.
The Little Girl tried to swim and saw the water cover her completely.
The arms of Peter Pan caught her and saved her from the crocodile. A crocodile was approaching the Little Girl. Peter Pan called for Tinkerbell. "Tinkerbell, come here!", shouted Peter Pan.
The Little Girl could see the brilliant light flying around them. The light approached, it was Tinkerbell the fairy. Peter pan caught Tinkerbell and shook the little fairy above the Little Girl's head.
The Little Girl now wasn't afraid of the water. She could fly above the water. The Little Girl gave a big stroke with her small arms and moved forward. the crocodile got very frustrated, it could not catch the Little Girl.
"Hello Mr. Crocodile, I am here!", the Little Girl taunted the crocodile.
The crocodile tried to approach, but the Little Girl was to fast for it. the Little Girl swam with great speed leaving ripples of water behind her. And the poor crocodile could only catch the small waves the Little Girl made.
But the magic dust finished very fast. the water washed the magic dust from the Little Girl. The Little Girl could not swim so fast now, and the crocodile was opening the mouth to eat her. The Little Girl felt the over go over her body and felt her arm being held strongly.
Papi grabbed the Little Girl by the arm and pulled her out of the water. The Little Girl did not see Peter pan, or Tinkerbell, or the crocodile.
The Little Girl could see Papi that gently held her so she could swim without the floaters.