Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The princess coach ride

Ever wanted to visit a historic place with you kids ? Beautiful castles and museums but not kids entertainment ? Do your kids get bored ? Do you tell them some story to get on the tour ? What excites them and makes them want to come ? Do you tell about the princesses in the palace ? Do they ask where the king and queen are ? Do they want to search for the dragon ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

It was still a long way to the Palace. The Palace was on top of the hill. It was going to be a long walk. But the Little Girl was visiting the princess. The Little Girl has special treatment. The princesses coach was waiting for the Little Girl, Papi and Mami. The princess coach would take them up the hill to the Palace.
The coach was waiting for them, it was beautiful black castle pulled by two beautiful white horses. The horses nayed has the Little Girl approached has if they new the Little Girl was coming.
"Hello horses!", said the Little Girl, "You are very beautiful, you will be taking us to the princess?".
The Little Girl caressed the horses.
The coach driver helped the Little Girl up the coach. Papi and Mami joined. And up the hill towards the palace they went.
They passed beautiful trees as they heard the chirping of the birds. The birds were welcoming them. Some squirrels curiously looked at them from the trees. A small Bambi and a rabbit also seemed to look curiously at the coach going up the hill.
They passed many fountains with fantastic waterspouts. Finally they arrived at the palace.
The Little Girl jumped down the coach in haste and shouted:, "Let's look for the princess, and then I want to see the dragon!"

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