Saturday, 15 March 2014

Bigger bicycle

Time for a bigger bicycle! How often you need to change your kids bicycles ? Do the bicycles move from oldest to youngest ? Can they choose their own bicycle ? What about from boy to girl or girl to boy ? What is the color the youngest has ? Do they like decoration with a pink shopping basket ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The pink bicycle stood shiny among the other bicycles. But this was the only pink bicycle, no other like it stood near. The pink bicycle sow a Little Girl with her daddy coming into the store. The Little Girl was looking at all the bicycles.
The Little Girl's eyes saw the pink bicycle and at that moment she ran to the bicycle.
"Papi, this is the bicycle I want!", said the Little Girl.
"Are you sure ? Look at that red bicycle there, it is very nice...", said Papi.
"NO! I want this pink bicycle!", said the Little Girl.
The pink bicycle was happy, it was love at first sight. The Little Girl liked the pink bicycle, the pink bicycle liked the Little Girl. The Little Girl was already sitting on the bicycle when Papi asked to try it. The Little Girl started riding the bicycle in the store, the pink bicycle started moving the Little Girl around.
The bicycle started slowly down the aisle, then turned right into a corridor, the bicycle started moving faster, and the Little Girl shouting "wheeee!". The bicycle made a turn right again to the big bicycles aisle.
All the big bicycles were admiring the pink bicycle with it's Little Girl. The pink bicycle was happy to have such a nice owner. The Little Girl asked the bicycle to stop, she wanted a pink flag so that everybody could see them from far away.
The pink bicycle was going to be the happiest bicycle in the block with the happiest owner.
The Little Girl was happy, she rode the bicycle out of the store with Papi following her.