Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Postman and the Dog

Do you receive a lot of mail ? Do you make orders to be delivered at home ? How do your kids react when they ear the doorbell ? Do you order things for them ? Do you use regular post or express services ? Ever seen the postman chased by a dog ? Do you have many dogs in the neighborhood ? Do the dogs bark at the postman ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

Papi told the Little Girl the postman would bring her a present today. The Little Girl checked the window several times. She was expecting to see the mail truck any time now.
Out of the window she saw the mail truck approaching, and the dogs started barking loudly. The Little Girl looked excitedly through the window as she saw the mail truck driver opening the rear door of the truck.
The neighbor was walking his dog, and the dog was excited to see the postman. The neighbor had to hold the leech with a lot of strength. The dog seamed to be ready to jump at any moment in the direction of the postman.
Suddenly the leech snapped and the dog broke loose. It started barking widely at the postman. The postman got afraid and ran into the house to deliver the package, but dropped the package while he ran. But the postman was not safe. He could listen to the dog on the other side of the door scratching the door furiously.
Papi went down to help the postman. the neighbor was also trying to knot back the dog's leech . When Papi opened the door, the dog had the packet in is mouth. The dog was trying to give back the package to the postman.
The Little Girl opened the package. She was waiting for it for a long time. As she opened it, Papi and the neighbor understood why all the dogs were barking. There was a cat in the package for the Little Girl.

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