Friday, 21 March 2014

Flower time is back, it is Spring

Does your child understand the seasons? Is it something that just comes each day? Today I wake up and it's winter, today is summer, today is spring? Does your child understand the cycle of the seasons? Did you manage to explain the season cycle it to your child? Is your child still trying to understand what a week is? Did you manage to explain him what a week is? What is the message you give your children for spring? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The sun has been very sleepy for the last three months. That is the winter. The sun comes out only for a few hours, and then goes back to bed. He needs to recover its energy. He is not to long up in the sky, so there is no time to make the air warm and melt away the snow.
But he has energy now, he wants to have breakfast. And the sun is going to have breakfast for 3 months. Everything the sun does takes it 3 months to do. So he slept 3 months, and now he is having breakfast for 3 months.
"What does the sun eat for breakfast?", asked the Little Girl.
The sun likes to smell the flowers, so he smells the earth and the flowers grow in the suns direction. And because the flowers needs sun to grow, he gives the flowers its warmth and light. The flowers grow and offer the sun their smell, which gives more energy to the sun. And as the sun gets more energy, the snow is melting away into water. the flowers also need the water to grow.
And to make the breakfast better, the little birds come and sing. They fly above in the sky looking for beautiful flowers and the empty nests to lay their eggs. The bears, the rabbits, the squirrels come out of their winter houses and play in the grass smelling the beautiful flowers.
The sun's breakfast is called Spring, and it lasts for 3 months.
"Wow, so cool!", said the Little Girl, "and what happens when the sun finishes breakfast?"
After having breakfast the sun is full of energy. So the sun goes up in the sky and send warmth everywhere. The water becomes warmer, and we can go to the beach or lake. The sun likes to see children play. That's when it's hot outside and we can go out and play football, swim in the lakes, have picnics. And for how long is the sun going to be up in the sky?
"For 3 months!", answered the Little Girl.
Right, for 3 months, all the sun does takes 3 months, and this time when the sun is up in the sky and makes everything warm is called Summer. It is the time the days are longer. It is the time for playing outside.
"And after Summer?", asked the Little Girl.
Then for the next 3 months we have Autumn, the sun is tired of having been up in the sky all the time. So he is getting tired but doesn't want to go to bed. Just like the Little Girl. So he opens the eyes, and closes the eyes, always sleepy not wanting to sleep. And so the sun does not give so much warmth and energy. The leaves in the trees become gold, yellow, orange and red. The air becomes a little bit colder. The sun wants to stay awake but can't and sometimes cries, we have lot of rain.
"Oh, that is not good!", says the Little Girl.
It is good, it is time to recover energy. So after being 3 months not wanting to go to bed, the sun finally goes to rest. Than winter comes again for 3 months. The air is cold, we have snow, Santa Claus comes again, we drink hot chocolate and wait for spring to come.
And now it'S spring, so let's go out and smell the flowers, listen to the birds and watch the rabbits.
"Yeah, let's go fetch flowers for mommy", said the Little Girl.
We have to let the flowers grow, we can't stop the flowers from growing, we want the flowers to grow and become very beaituful, so let's go outside and just look at them, and smell them.