Monday, 3 March 2014

Batgirl, the Princess and the Pirate

What have you planned for your kids this carnival ? Are your kids going to school in costumes ? Any fantasy parties ? Do they select their own fantasies ? Who sews the costumes ? Do you make the costumes together with the kids ? What's the part for each one ? What time of materials do you use ? Who selects the themes ? Do you organize any party with their friends ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

Batgirl leaves the car! Batgirl is full of energy today. As soon as the car stopped, Batgirl jumps out of the car and looks at the school entry. The bat signal came clearly, it could be seen from a mile away. Batgirl comes to the rescue.
Batgirl climbs the stairs of the school. There were kids in costumes everywhere. This is going to be difficult to find the criminals.
"Help!", heard Batgirl. Batgirl went in the direction of the scream. Batgirl arrived at the room. It was full of kids jumping around, could not understand if in excitement or if in fear of the pirate. The Pirate was in the back of the room near to the shouting princess, "help me!".
Batgirl came to the rescue, she looked at the pirate and said, "You surrender, the pirates have no luck today, the crime does not pay near Batgirl!".
"Hello Batgirl, The thief is not the pirate, the thief is the astronaut!", said the princess.

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