Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Jumping Jack Flash

Don't you feel your kids are always jumping around ? Do you like them to jump ? Do you discipline them to know when they can or cannot jump ? Do you simply secret wish they would stop jumping ? Do they like to jump anywhere ? Or do they prefer trampolines and inflatable castles ? Do they jump anywhere ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The dragon had been chasing the Little Girl. The dragon had the Little Girl for three times in it's big mouth. But the Little Girl managed to get out. She always jumped in the right moment just as the dragon opened the mouth to start chewing.
This time was no different. The dragon flew over the Little Girl and caught her with it's big mouth wide open. the Little Girl jumped out again through the space between two big teeth.
And jumped into the air.
The Little Girl landed on some soft leaves, and she continued jumping from leaf to leaf using the lift off of the leaf. And there goes the Little Girl, another jump.
The dragon was confused and flying left and right, up and down, he could not catch the Little Girl. The Little Girl jumped from giant leaf to giant leaf.
The leaves came close to a waterfall, and the Little Girl jumped right into the waterfall.
The dragon flew by one time and did not see the Little Girl hidden in the waterfall.
The dragon flew by two times and did not see the Little Girl.
The dragon flew by three times and did not see the Little Girl. The dragon flew away.
The Little Girl jumped once more from the waterfall onto the leaves. With each jump the Little Girl jumped higher and higher.
She jumped all the way home, and told Papi the story of the hungry dragon.