Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dunking Oreos

Do your kids dunk Oreos in milk? Did you teach them to do it? Where did they learn? How do they come up with this idea? Is it from TV commercials? Or from other kids in kindergarten? If from other kids, where did they get it from? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"Papi, look at those cookies, they are milk cookies!", said the Little Girl pointing at some Oreos box.
"Milk cookies ?", asked Papi.
"Yes, they have milk in the middle, and they have chocolate, they are my favorite cookies!", answered the Little Girl.
"You never eaten those cookies Little Girl! Why do you say it's your favorite?", asked Papi.
"Look Papi, look at the boy, chocolate with milk in the middle!", explained the Little Girl.
"That is not chocolate, and in the middle it's not milk!", said Papi.
"Yes, it is, yes it is, I want my favorite cookies!", cried the Little Girl.
"OK, I'll take a box for you, but you are going to taste as soon as I pay for the box!", said Papi.
"Yeepeee!", said the Little Girl.
After paying for the cookies, Papi opened the box, and another small pack inside. He took a cookie and handed over to the girl, "Here, try it, see if it is chocolate with milk!"
The Little Girl took a bite, "Baaahh, it's not chocolate, and inside is not milk! You are right Papi."
The Little Girl continued eating the cookie, "Papi, if I open the cookie, the inside is good, the cookie I don't like!", and suddenly the Little Girl was opening the Oreos and licking the filling.
At home the experiences continued...
"Papi, if you put the cookie in milk it is good!", explained the Little Girl, "You open the cookie, lick the white, and then dunk the cookie in milk and you eat it."
"Oh! No! Another sugar source she found", thought Papi.

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