Friday, 7 March 2014


Do you play sports with your kids ? Are you keen to have them playing sports ? What do they most like ? Do they play football ? Or other team competitive games ? Do they know the rules or invent as they play ? Do you just have fun passing the ball or try to setup teams ? Are they energetic playing ? What about afterwards ? Do you talk about the fun moments you just had ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl shot the ball in the direction of Papi. Papi received the ball and kicked it back. The Little Girl ran to catch the ball and stopped it. The Little Girl kicked the ball back to Papi. Papi and the Little Girl were laughing, they got the ball rolling between them.
Blue Boy saw them playing and tried to join.
"Hello Little Girl", said the Blue Boy.
"Hello Blue Boy", said the Little Girl.
The Little Girl kicked the ball to Blue Boy. "Pass to my daddy", said the Little Girl. And the Blue boy passed to Papi the ball. Papi kicked back to the Little Girl, and the Little Girl kicked the ball to the Blue Boy. the ball was now rolling in a triangle, and everybody was having fun.
More friends of the Little Girl from kindergarten joined. Papi moved slightly away and watch all the kids playing ball. the kids were now very excited. there was no special team, but many kids dribbled the ball between them and passed to others. There was no goal, but they seemed to kick in the direction of what would be a goal. Some would shout "Goal", others clapped hands.
A simple ball joins the kids in the neighborhood, and many of them are just waiting for somebody to start.

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