Monday, 17 March 2014

St Patrick's Day

How do you explain holidays to your child? Do they understand the meaning? Is the holidays for your children just another non-school day? Do you make activities with them regarding the meaning of the day? What about St. Patrick day? Is for the kids just about the color green? Tell me your story, here is mine...

Papi and the Little Girl were walking on the street. Everybody is dressed in green today. The neighbor is dressed in green, the kids playing football are dressed in green, the cat and the dog are dressed in green.
"Papi, everybody is in green, but we are not!", said the Little Girl.
"We need to follow the rainbow to find the color green", answered Papi.
"Follow the rainbow?", asked the Little Girl.
"Yes, it is going to rain, after the rain there will be a rainbow!", explained Papi.
Soon after it started raining.
"Yeepee Papi, it is raining", said the Little Girl.
And when the raining stopped the big rainbow came out. It was beautiful with all seven colors.
Papi and the Little Girl started chasing the rainbow.
"Wait Little Girl, we need a ticked to climb the rainbow.", said Papi.
"A ticket?", asked the Little Girl.
"Yes, we need to find a shamrock in the grass. It is a small plant with three leaves.", said Papi.
They both searched the grass and found 2 shamrocks. One for the Little Girl and another for Papi.
"Leprechaun, we have the tickets, pick us up for the rainbow", shouted Papi, "Little girl, we have to call the Leprechaun three times".
"Leprechaun, Leprechaun, Leprechaun.", shouted the Little Girl.
And the Leprechaun all dressed in green appeared out of thin air.
"Are you an adult?", asked the Little Girl.
"No, I am a Leprechaun!", answered the Leprechaun.
"Hi! Hi! Hi! You are small like a small kid", said the Little Girl.
Papi and the Little Girl climbed the rainbow and started running on it to get to the other side. On the other side there was a big pot of green color. The Little Girl did not notice, but the rainbow was going down steeper and steeper as they approached the other side. Papi and the Little Girl fell into the pot of green color.
Now they were also dressed in green.
"Papi, we are now dressed like everybody, we are dressed in green!", said the Little Girl.

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