Thursday, 13 March 2014


What do you pack for a walk with your kids ? Do you pack with them ? Do you pack with them only their backpack ? Or do you pack yours as well with them ? Do you make what's in their backpack a surprise? Who carries the backpack ? How do you explain them the walk to be done ? How do you tell them how long ? Do they want to pack all their toys into the backpack ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"Little Girl, come help Papi!", Papi called the Little Girl, "We are going to the lake".
"Wow Papi, that is cool, I like going to the lake", said the Little Girl.
"Good, what do you want to put in your backpack ?", asked Papi.
"I don't want to take the backpack!", said the Little Girl.
"Papi as prepared my backpack with the things I want to have in the lake!", said Papi, "You do not want to have anything when you are at the lake?"
"I want to take rubber ducky!", said the Little Girl.
"So, maybe you want to put rubber ducky in the backpack", said Papi.
"Oh! Yes, OK! Let me take the backpack, I will put rubber ducky in it!"
"Anything else ? You want to swim ? Shall we take your swimming suit ?", asked Papi.
"Yes! I want the swimming suit!", said the Little Girl, "and also the sand pail and the sand shovel!".
"That is good, maybe we should take some water also ?", asked Papi.
"Yes, and a sandwich, I want to eat!", said the Little Girl, "and a whistle, if I want to call Papi I blow the whistle!".
"Good Little Girl, so now we know what we will need at the Lake, we can go safe and we have everything we want", said Papi.
"No Papi, we need a towel for when we come out of the lake!"