Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Proofing, spelling, format, layout, drawings

Just received on the mail the new proof of the first book.

I was so excited to give the final approval so that the printing could start.
Unfortunately I am not happy with the layout, need to work a bit. Perhaps also change the fonts...
This means the date for the publishing gets delayed. But the readers deserve the effort, it's not good to just put the book out there if it doesn't fall to the author's standards.
So will do a complete review, check the format and layout, and check the English once more.
not being a native speaker makes me a bit nervous. But I've read the book so many times, and had some friends as well doing it, that I believe it's pretty good.
Nevertheless, it's a chance to review once more. Want to change the layout, so might as well proof read the English once more.
But feels good nevertheless, I know I am getting close to the moment I really become an author. The moment I get the first book published, "Santa's new little helper". It's been a great trip so far. By the weekend will receive the proof for the second book, "The butterfly's wedding", at least it's going to be a fast succession once I get to publish them. And am already working on my third book.
You all have great fun, if you want to help me proof read the book, you can get the kindle book. It's already available at amazon. I've priced it at the minimum price, after all my belief is that the book is best experienced on the printed version while reading it to our children. the format of the printed version is to maximize that experience.
You can get the kindle version here.
All the images on the same side so that the child can follow the story with the drawings. All the text on the other side so that the parent can read it. Big letters, small paragraphs, so that the little ones don't get bored with each picture. The kindle version does not have this layout problem, everything is simply a stream with text and image. the placement of the images is different to allow a nor fluid reading and following of the drawings.
For those thinking about buying the book for kindle while it's still under this proof-reading, do not worry, after all you will always be able to refresh the book at no extra cost. And your help is extremely appreciated.
The greatest help you can give to this new author is to write a review of the book if you liked it. It might not seem a big deal, but for new authors it is the best you can do, be it for me or any other author. In this new world of self publishing where the authors can break the barriers of the publishing companies, writing reviews allow for authors that would otherwise be completely unknown to get some visibility.
A great help, and please provide me your feedback. This is a fantastic journey, I am glad I have you helping and motivating me.


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