Sunday, 9 March 2014

The monkey

What happens when your kids cross their favorite cartoons in real life ? Like walking in a shopping mall and suddenly crossing Mickey ? Or in a restaurant and finding bugs bunny ? Or in a theme park and finding the usual suspects ? Is your kids afraid of the characters ? Does he interact with them asking for autographs ? Simply trying to do some sort of conversation ? Or hiding behind your legs ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The Little Girl was climbing the wall. Suddenly she saw a monkey. The monkey was coming in her direction. The Little Girl got afraid and fell of the wall. She ran away from the monkey. But the monkey could fly using the tree tops, soon he was near the Little Girl.
One moment of distraction, the Little Girl looked back to see if the monkey was still chasing her, and splof. The Little Girl tripped on a tree root and fell. The monkey approached the Little Girl. The monkey had a book in his hand, he wanted to give it to the Little Girl.
The Little Girl looked at monkey once more and ran away again. The monkey chased the Little Girl. The Little girl suddenly heard a loud shout and cry. She looked back and saw that the monkey had fallen and was crying.
The Little Girl approached the crying monkey. "Are you OK?", asked the Little Girl.
The monkey gave the book to the Little Girl. he stood up with his leg still hurting and went away.
The Little Girl ran to Papi, "Papi, the monkey gave me this book, can you read it for me ?".
"Off course Little Girl, let me see it!", said Papi grabbing the little book from the Little Girls hands.
"It is a book of how to save the jungle animals!", said Papi.
"Like how to help the animals if they fall ?", asked the Little Girl.
"Yes, you can say that little Girl".

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