Friday, 7 March 2014

The Chuchu Train

Do your kids like trains ? Do you take them to see trains ? Do you take them to ride on trains ? Is the train part of your daily routine ? How about train play-sets ? Wooden trains on rails ? Do you build with them complex train set constructions filled with little house and people ? Do the kids spoil your train set constructions ? Do you prefer old western trains, or vapor ? You prefer the modern electric or diesel trains ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

My name is Ban Daid. I am a train. Everyday is an adventure for me, I never know to where my next trip is going to take me. It all depends on the kids that drive me each day. I like kids, they always come to my tracks and drive me around.
One day a Little Girl came with her daddy. They sat on a chair next to my tracks. The Little Girl was sad and tired. I think the Little Girl was sick. The Little Girl looked at me. I smiled back at the Little Girl. The Little Girl did not smile back, she just moved her head and fell on her daddy's chest.
The nurse called the Little Girl's name, and her daddy took her to see the doctor.
Time passed and they came back.
The Little Girl was no longer on daddy's lap. She looked at me. I smiled back at the Little Girl and she approached. She pick me up and started driving me along the wooden tracks.
"Chuchu", said the Little Girl as she pushed me up the bridge to the train station. Time to pick up more passengers. And other kids joined operating the cranes to put the mail in the train. Other closed the gates for the cars to not go through the tracks while the train passed.
All the kids were now happy.
I am Ban Daid. I am the wooden train that makes sick kids healthy and happy.