Monday, 17 March 2014

Bedtime story

Do you read a bedtime story to your kid? Is this a ritual you share every night? Who selects the book to read? Does your child know how the story ends or always falls asleep? Do you select books with plenty of illustrations? Does your kid tell the story himself? Does he tell the story because he memorized it or he imagines a story based on the illustrations? Tell me your story, here is mine...

"Papi, I want this book!", said the Little Girl.
"Snow White and the seven dwarfs.", said Papi.
"Yes Papi", said the Little Girl, "but I don't want the part of the witch, I want when Snow White finds the seven dwarfs."
"OK Little Girl.", said Papi, "Snow White found a small house in the woods, she entered the house through the small door."
"Why is the door small?", asked the Little Girl.
"Because the house is for dwarfs, they are little people the size of children.", answered Papi.
"Is one of them my size?", asked the Little Girl.
"I suppose so, which dwarf you think is your size?", asked Papi.
"The dancing dwarf, the dancing dwarf is my size!", answered the Little Girl.
"And why is that Little Girl?"
"The dancing dwarf is friend of Tinkerbell, so he can fly like me!", said the Little Girl.
"But Tinkerbell is not in this story.", said Papi.
"Yes she is, look here.", said the Little Girl point to the drawing of a small bush by the house of the dwarfs.
"but that is only a bush.", said Papi.
"No, Tinkerbell is hiding there for the grownups not to see her, she is a fairy, the grownup cannot see her.", said the Little Girl.

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