Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bowling Alley

Do you take your kids to the bowling alley ? Do they like it ? Do you go because you like it ? Who has the idea to go there ? Can the kids through the ball all the way ? Do you use the supporting guiding lanes ? How do they deal with the weight of the balls ? Do you teach them the moves ? Do you know the moves to teach them ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The blue ball was sleeping in the rack. The blue ball was not woken up usually. Some days the blue ball would not even exit once of the ball rack. The grownups never asked the blue ball to play. And the blue ball did not mind. After all, the blue ball only liked little children to play.
But today was a special day. The blue ball saw the Little Girl in a red dress approaching. The Little Girl looked at the blue ball, and picked up the blue ball.
Children never asked the ball to play. They just came and grab the balls and on they went to the bowling lanes. And the balls did not care, after all the play of the kids was always so much fun. The kids were happy if the balls made it all the way to the pins. The kids were happy if just one pin came down.
The blue ball liked the way the kids play. The kids always happy.
The blue ball was picked up by the Little Girl.
The Little Girl cleaned the blue ball with the bottom of the dress.
"Hello blue ball, you are clean now, you are going to fly to the pins, okay blue ball ?", said the Little Girl.
The Little Girl held tightly the blue ball with both hands, This was another thing the blue ball liked kids, they never placed their fingers in the holes. The kids did not know how to use the holes and did not mind with it.
"Go, go it the pins!", said the Little Girl to the blue ball throwing it along the lane.
The blue ball was happy to have the attention of the Little Girl. The blue ball called all the strength it had and rolled to the pins. The blue ball rolled and rolled and rolled. At the end of the lane, the blue ball took down 3 pins. Just before exiting the lane, the blue ball looked back and saw the Little Girl jumping in happiness.
When the blue ball came back to the beginning of the lane, the blue ball could still see the Little Girl jumping around happy.
"I did it, I did it Papi!", said the Little Girl.
"Next time I need to help the Little Girl hit the 10 pins!", thought the blue ball.