Sunday, 16 March 2014

Bike ride

How frequent do you ride with your kids ? Do you like to make long walks ? Can you benefit from wild life near your house ? Do you go to a spot by car first ? What sort of wildlife do you see ? Is it frequent to see rabbits or birds flying by ? Do your children like to see the scenery ? Do your children get into competition mode riding the bike ? Tell me your story, here is mine...

The birds were flying around the lake. From time to time they would dive to the grass and fly back above the lake. They were looking for bread crumbs. Many families did picnics around the lake and left something for them to eat.
A Little Girl approached in her bicycle. The birds could see her from far away. The Little Girl had a pink flag on her bicycle. When the birds saw the Little Girl they would fly by the Little Girl showing her the way to go. The Little Girl in her pink bicycle would follow the flying birds. The Little Girl's daddy followed her in turn.
The birds stopped and flew over a nice picnic spot. The Little Girl stopped the bicycle and Papi did the same. The Little Girl ran to where the birds beaked the grass in search for breadcrumbs. And Papi followed her with the picnic basket.
"The birds selected the best spot Papi!", said the Little Girl.
"Yes they did, they are your friends, they want the best spot for the Little Girl.", said Papi. From the picnic spot they could see the lake almost in it's entirety. The tree lines to left and back composed the picture. The Little Girl and Papi were having a picnic in a beautiful landscape painting.
Papi laid down the blanket and they sat eating their sandwich. The Little Girl threw some small pieces of the bread and the birds caught them in mid air.
"Look Papi, they catch the bread flying", said the Little Girl.
Soon after they could see some rabbits approaching. The Little Girl ran to the rabbits and they ran away from her. She was chasing the rabbits, but they were too fast for her. When she got tired of chasing the rabbits the Little Girl went back to the blanket and rank some fresh water.
The rabbits approached curiously. The Little Girl did not move, she did not want to frighten the rabbits. And so the rabbits approached the Little Girl. One of the rabbits came and ate a bit of lettuce of the Little Girls sandwich right from her hand. And the Little Girl did not move holding her breath.
The girl could not hold any longer and took a deep breath. The rabbits ran away, and he Little Girl laughed.
"The rabbits are beautiful Papi!", said the Little Girl.
They packed the picnic basket and the blanket. Papi took them to the bicycle. The Little Girl picked up the paper bag with the empty plastic wrappings, bottles, used paper plates and cups. Papi smiled at the Little Girl, "Very well Little Girl, let's take the garbage back home, we don't want the lake dirty, the rabbits and birds do not know what to do with the garbage".
They rode back home, this time the rabbits showed the Little Girl the way out. When Papi and the Little Girl left the lake park, the Little Girl looked back. the Little Girl saw the rabbits waving goodbye, and the birds flying in circles above them.